Premium Veterinary Products to Support Mobility, Immunity, and Brain Health in Aging Dogs.

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Our Veterinary Health Products are designed to support mobility, immunity, and cognitive health in mature and senior dogs.


If your dog struggles to walk, get up after lying down or has stopped loving hikes, try our Hike Again formula. This product is created to support healthy joints, mobility, and cartilage tissue to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle in mature and senior dogs.



As your dog ages, it may have digestive issues and difficulty absorbing nutrients, leading to a weakening immune system. Shield Again is formulated to support your dog’s immunity and digestive systems, adding health and vitality back to its life.



Many dogs experience behavioural changes as they grow older. If your dog is sleeping poorly or hasn’t been his usual self, Sharp Again can help. This product is formulated to support normal brain function, cognitive health, and healthy sleep patterns.


Customer Testimonials

"Oscar is doing very well! The last lab results were perfect. He is not in pain and even jumps off the bed with ease. He is a bit more active and I haven’t given any pain medication for weeks!

Thanks again for your great product. "

Committed to caring for your mature dog


Hike Again Remedies is the first line of Veterinary Health Products (VHP) made in Canada exclusively devoted to caring for mature and senior dogs. Our products are formulated using advanced blends of premium ingredients that help to support and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle in aging and elderly dogs.


Our Promise

As human companions of older dogs we really wish our aging pals could live for as long as possible - and to be as healthy and happy for as long as possible too. We are here to help you and your older dog to do just that.


Answer a few questions to learn how better support the healthy, active lifestyle of your aging dog.

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Our Omega 3-rich fish oil is pesticide and mercury-free and certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council.

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Our products contain no added fillers, gums, sugars, preservatives or colours. They contain nothing but active ingredients.

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All of our products are formulated and manufactured in Canada from domestic and imported ingredients in partnership with local small businesses.


If you think your dog may be experiencing physical discomfort, start by working with your veterinary team to rule out any underlying diseases or medical concerns.

There are things you can do at home to ensure your mature or senior dog is comfortable:

▸ Ensure their bed is large enough. Your dog may have slept curled up when they were younger, but as they age, they might find stretching out more comfortable. Make sure they have a large enough bed that they can be comfortable in any position.

▸ Ensure they have beds in multiple locations. Providing several soft, comfortable beds gives your dog options, especially if their primary bed is up a flight of stairs.

▸ Get a portable, foldable ramp for the car. A ramp can help your dog get in and out of your car safely and easily.

▸ Elevate their food and water. Your senior dog might have neck stiffness or pain. Having raised bowls will allow your dog to eat and drink more comfortably.

▸ Help them up. Use a harness to help your dog get up from lying down if they appear to struggle.

▸ Help them exercising and mobile. Mature and senior pets should not be left to lie stationary in cages or, on the converse, taken on runs for long periods. Physical activity influences many of our body's systems, including blood pressure, gastrointestinal (GI) motility, edema, physical discomfort, body temperature, and muscle strength.

The easiest way to promote movement is to walk your pet. However, if walking isn't an option, provide them with physical therapy instead – this may include a range of motion exercises, massage, and assisted changes in position. Providing either walks or physical therapy around every 4 hours is an excellent place to start.

Are your usual hikes or park walks a bit less fun for your aging pal? Are they finding jumping into the car or onto the couch hard? Are stairs becoming a challenge?

Your senior dog doesn’t need to struggle. We can help. Our Hike Again supplement is specifically formulated to support healthy joints, boost mobility, and improve the quality of your dog’s life.

The thin membrane covering your dog’s intestines is their first line of defence in their immune system. This thin layer is also responsible for absorbing most of the nutrients, minerals, antioxidants, and other biologically active compounds present in your dog’s food.

However, the gut’s ability to absorb nutrients and defend against pathogens decreases with age. Adding clinically proven probiotics, beta-glucans and antioxidants can support gut health and proper immune function.

If you believe your mature dog may have health problems with their gastrointestinal or immune systems, talk with your veterinary and consider our Shield Again formula.

Our Senior Immunity Omega Blend™, the proprietary formulation in Shield Again, is the first Veterinary Health Products in Canada containing DE-111 Probiotic, a patented strain of Bacillus subtilis. DE-111 Probiotic has been tested in clinical trials demonstrating a positive gastrointestinal and immunomodulatory response in healthy dogs.

If you think your senior dog is having physical or cognitive difficulties, please consult with your veterinary team. They are your first line of defense to keep your mature dog healthy.

As your dog ages, you may notice a few changes that could be a sign of Cognition and Brain Health problems. These might include:

▸ Your dog seems disoriented or confused in a familiar setting.
▸ Your dog has become grumpy, defensive, or less patient (these could also be signs of underlying physical discomfort).
▸ Their sleep patterns are disrupted, and your dog seems more restless at night.
▸ Pacing, wandering, or vocalization, particularly at night.
▸ Your previously housetrained dog may start having accidents in the house.

If any of these signs sound familiar, try our Sharp Again formula, specifically created to support Cognition and Brain Health in senior dogs.