When starting Hike Again Remedies, we were determined to find sustainable options for our primary and secondary packaging to minimize waste generation, chemical leachate, and our carbon footprint.

When we decided to bring Hike Again Remedies to the market we understood that, as a manufacturer of perishable products, we could unintentionally play a role on the current plastic crisis confronted by oceans and landfills worldwide.

After researching several possible options for available packaging and shipping materials, we made the commitment of only using certified-compostable pouches and mailers when sending our products to consumers.


Securing the right packaging partner was a challenge. Certified compostable packaging is not easy to source since the terms "compostable," "bio-degradable," and "recyclable" are often used interchangeably. Moreover, packaging vendors aren’t always transparent about the chemical composition of their "green-alternatives."

We knew from Day 1 that we would not use multi-laminate plastic. An estimated 300 million pounds of multi-laminate packaging is generated annually by the pet industry in the US alone, and that number is expected to increase as pet ownership rises.


Most pet food packaging uses multi-laminate plastic because it’s durable, aesthetically pleasing, and enables shoppers to see the product through a clear window. Yet, because it’s made of multiple layers of differing materials, the packaging is not currently recycled and ends up in landfills. [1]


We also considered that, as recent a study suggests, the burden of plastic pollution typically falls on developing countries as North America outsources so much of its recycling. This means that plastic packaging is a social justice problem as much as it is an environmental problem. [2]


Selecting the right packaging material could become very confusing while looking at some of the options offered as "green" or "environmentally-friendly" packaging. The best example of misleading terminology is the so called "biodegradable" or "oxo-degradable" plastic. "Biodegradable" plastics are considered even worse than multi-laminate plastic as they're often manufactured with chemicals that break down the plastic material into very small fragments. Over time, these tiny plastic particles become micro- and nano-plastics, which have polluted every landmass and ocean on our planet. This type of "biodegradable" plastics is considered so harmful that over 150 international organizations have proposed to ban them entirely. 

It took us a lot of time, but we finally discovered a solution we could use: certified compostable plastic. This type of plastic can be safely disposed into green waste bins or backyard composters. Thanks to this type of plastic our pouches are made with a blend of plant-based polymers, from sources like potatoes and corn, and kraft paper that decompose over time into water, carbon, and organic biomass that supports soil critters and bacteria.

And you don't need to take our word for it: all our pouches are certified compostable by an international-recognized third-party organization.

If you are interested to know if a plastic bag or container is truly compostable, look for one or more of the seals below. They belong to internationally recognized programs.

If there are no certification logos or explicit statements about whether the packaging material is certified compostable, it very likely isn’t. If you’re interested in learning more about the different types of compostable and recyclable materials and their role in a circular economy, check this document from the European Environment Agency.

Yes, this is an unusually long and detailed page on packaging, but our packaging is a reflection of what we stand for, including environmentally- and socially- responsible solutions that we’ve built directly into our supply chain.

[1] Examination of Alternatives to multi-laminate pouches. Report and Recommendations. Free to download at: petsustainability.org

[2] news.bloomberglaw.com

[3] european-bioplastics.org


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